Window Tissue Paper Hearts

Today we decided to make window decorations.  We made these cute tissue paper hearts.  I’m hoping to get a better picture.  I was just working with the camera on my phone today.

Materials needed:
* Stock Paper of Choice
* Tissue Paper
* Yarn
* Glue Stick
* Scissors
* Hole Punch (not pictured)
* Pencil (not pictured)
First, you fold two piece of paper (matching and stacked together) in half and cut out the half heart shape on the folded edge.  Again, what you see above is actually two hearts.  I drew out where to cut, and had my oldest daughter do some of the cutting.  You can then cut out the inner part of the heart.
Next, you trace around the outer edge of the heart onto the folded tissue paper and then cut just a bit in from that drawn line.
Gluing is the next step.  I do a glue line around the inner part of the heart and stick down the tissue paper.  Then, I do more glue and put the other heart on top.


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