Day #42 Tip – Strong and Brave

I definitely want to be a mom that comforts and cuddles my kids.  However, I also want to be a mom who teaches them to be brave, not whiny and have self control.  This often can be teachable in the moments where they are “hurt.”  I put hurt in quotes because kids seem to fall apart over things we adults have learned to not cry over (at least my kids do) – biting your tongue, hitting your hip on the side of the table, stubbing your toe.  They, too, need to learn to have some self control in those moments so the drama doesn’t become the norm.  It’s amazing how quickly my kids’ tears can quickly be turned around when I say, “Let me see how strong and brave you can be.” When we are around other people, I’ll often say, “Mrs. Brooks has never seen how strong and brave you can be.”  At that point they can, in a majority of the situations, bring their emotions under control and flex their muscles for everyone to see and feel.  Parents seem to know when there is some real pain that needs more cuddles and love, but teaching kids to see that they have control over they way they respond to a situation can be very empowering.


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    I agree. I remember when my kids were younger. It was so hard to find the balance between teaching strength and independence and allowing them the freedom of self expression and sorrow. Sometimes the burden of knowing the eternal consequences made me crazy. I finally decided that Heavenly Father knows that my intentions are righteous and that I love his children enough to do my best. In the end my hope was to see that my children were better prepared to serve the Lord in whatever way he needed them. Keep up the good work from one Jodi Mom to another.


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