Day #48 – Polka Dot Thank You Cards

I like bold and graphic design.  I also like finding simple crafts that kids can do that yield cool looking results.  So, this is what I came up with as we were designing thank you cards for Grandma.

My dot paint fit in a 3/4″ x 3/4″ square, so I drew out the grid and cut off any excess.

Next, I just let the girls start polka-dotting their grid.  In the end, I cut out the size I wanted, put it on some brown paper and printed out the “Thank You!” in typewriter font.  Abby was able to write most of hers with spelling help, and I wrote things out for Kenzie.


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    What an adorable idea! I LOVE making homemade cards (have ever since I was a little kid). Whenver we need to write a thank you, birthday, congrats, etc card my kids always make them! I think it’s way more special receiving a card specially crafted by them! :-)

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    This is an awesome idea, Jodi! I love your blog and all of your ideas and tips! My son is having his 3rd bday party tomorrow, we may have to make polka dot thank you cards next week! Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting as a follower and from TGIF!

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    So creative and very cool looking! Makes the gift more memorable for the recipient and the giver! I would love it if you would come link up with Busy Monday (open Monday through Thursdays) at A Pinch of Joy, a linky party for ideas that make life better, easier and more fun!


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