Orderliness in “I Will” Statements

But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.”  – 1 Corinthians 14:40
Today I decided to do “I will” statements with my kids.  I wish I had come up with this craft at the beginning of the week.  Actually, I wish I had come up with the idea at the beginning of the entire character development series.  I thought it would be powerful tohave statements that they can claim.  This week, here are the phrases I decided to use:
1) I will pick up after myself.
2) I will put things away the right and complete way.
3) I will have one toy out at a time.
4) I will look to see what else I can pick up.
Here’s how we decided to create a visual reminder for our “I Will” statements:
There are some special items from the craft store you’re going to need if you are going to do this craft.  You can really write your own “I Will” statements in any way, but this is a fun and more permanent solution.  I am going to start adding “I Will” statements for each weekly character development word in this series, so if you’re following along, it might be fun to make your own version of this.   The items I found in the craft store included a round 9″ in diameter hanging chalkboard circle, a bag of Woodsies (6 pc 7 9/64 x 2 13/16 x 3/16 inch) and Sticky Back Chalkboard Roll.  I had never heard of a chalkboard roll before, but I saw it at the craft store and figured there could be a lot of good uses for it.  It is basically contact paper that you can stick onto most services, making it into a chalkboard.  Of course you could use chalkboard paint too, but I figured it would be super easy to do it this way.  It was.  
The first thing you want to do is trace around the Woodsie onto the chalkboard contact paper.  I cut it out, Abby peeled it off, and we stuck it down onto the Woodsie.  Easy enough, and you now have a little wood piece turned into a chalkboard.  We made four of these.
The next thing to do was to drill holes. I did this while they were napping. Remember to only drill the top two holes in the bottom piece.  I accidentally drilled for and had to rectify my mistake.  The circle will have two holes also.  Just measure out where you would want them.  I found some cute ribbon to produce the final product.  I took chalk and wrote out our “I will” statements, which I later explained to the girls.  I hung this is a prominent place as reminders of the things we’re focusing on for the week. 


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      I have no idea how I missed this last week. I’m so sorry. I’ve saved your button and plan on linking up with week. Thanks for stopping by and following along!


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