Rainbow Felt Flower Headband Tutorial #2

You may have seen my recent post where we made felt flower headbands for my daughter’s upcoming birthday.  I wanted to make a unique one for the birthday girl.  It was really simple, and I love the results.  My youngest daughter wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot, so I had Abby step in.


You may have seen my paper flowers.  The only real difference is that instead of rolling from the outside in, to obtain the flatter flowers, your roll from the inside out.

I did little dabs of hot glue along the way and finished with a jewel center.

I then attached them to the headband in the exact same way as I did with the felt flower headbands from the other day.  As I was working on this headband, the girls were able to make their own felt flowers…well, kind of.  Abby needed some help.  Kenzie couldn’t quite cut out the circle, so I just let her cut up felt, which she was perfectly content doing.



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      Yeah, it’s fun having girls to do this stuff with. I do have to say there’s something special about having my boy too though. Thanks for commenting.


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