Day #150 Flexibility Like the Hummingbird – Character Development, Week #22

Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” – Colossians 3:2
The Curriculum, Character First, has given me some inspiration for some of my character development ideas. It is where I found the idea to have the hummingbird represent flexibility, and I got a lot of my hummingbird information from there. Here are some facts that show kids how they can learn to be flexible:
* Hummingbirds are the smallest bird known to man, being the three inches tall and weighing the same as a penny. They, therefore, have little control of the environment that creates dangers from all sides, but it responds to change well, making it able  to survive despite it’s small size.
* Hummingbirds migrate in the winter. They can fly far as Alaska to Mexico. Often, winds or severe weather can blow them off course. They need to adjust and carefully navigate weather patterns to stay on their path.
* A hummingbird stores up energy for long trips and slows its heart and breathing rates to accommodate long journeys. It must prepare to remain capable of the flexibility it will need as it travels.
* Hummingbirds don’t seem to have a lot of control because it’s small and course is often not determined by themselves. Kids can relate to this. They have authorities that keep a lot of the control. We have learn to be flexible in accepting the changes the people in charge make. 
* Hummingbirds have to get nectar from their long beaks. The flower shifts and changes in the wind, and this bird has to be able to move about to get its food. Being flexible as it flies this way and that.
Here is one of many short YouTube videos we found on hummingbirds.



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