Day #170 – Graduation Cake & How to Make Perfect Fondant Balls

I know I talk about the Pritchards a lot. They have taught me so much since becoming a parent. It has really made a huge difference in our lives as parents and people. So, when they asked me to make a graduation cake for their daughter, Dani, I had to jump right on it. This is a very personalized cake for their daughter. Because of the details required in this cake, I couldn’t be too “meaningful” with my kids. I do normally love to have them help me during the process. They did help me bake the red velvet, white velvet and chocolate cakes that are underneath the fondant. However, I did the decorating myself. Well, that’s not 100% true. My fabulous husband did the cowboy hat and all of my dishes one evening. What a guy – right? Also, Dani’s sisters came up with the design and presented me with a drawing of what they wanted. 
I also wanted to give you a tip for making fondant balls of the same size. When you’re just winging it, they often end up a variety of sizes. To make it more consistent, you can roll out a consistent fondant snake. Then take a ruler and cut the fondant at even marks all the way down the snake. It will help the overall appeal and polished nature of your cake. For more cake making techniques, I hope you’ll check out my Cake Making 101 and Cake Making 201 posts.
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  1. Amazing! I cannot decorate a cake if my life depended on it. I love to see what other people can do though. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. wow! totally amazing! i have enough issues trying to frost a cake with the stuff that comes premade in the jar :) thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  3. This is AMAZING!! What a BEAUTIFUL cake!!


  4. Fantastic looking cake
    You are really an artist!

  5. I so love this tip! Thanks for sharing at tip toe thru tuesday last week! This will surely come in handy when I make my daughter’s cake in a few weeks with fondant!

    Just a heads up, when you link this week, stop by and enter my giveaway for a Ramsign!


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