Day #177 – Plan B & C in Baking

I am in charge of making cookies for after church once a month. I love to use it as an opportunity to try some new recipes. Last month, I made my new favorite cookies – Rolo Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Amazing! This week I decided to try some Cake Batter Bars I had also found on Pinterest because my husband and I love confetti cake.
Well, that was plan A. Neither of us loved them. In fact, I ended up not even wanting to serve them. I have made a commitment to not pass on any recipe to you that I don’t love. I can’t pass this recipe on to you. This has happened before, but I have had time to come up with another post for you. (***OK – Slight revision. Once they cooled overnight they were actually pretty good. My kids and the neighbor kids love them. I would have served them had they cooled a bit more to become the chewy bars they did.***)  I am glad I normally have something in the wings.

Plan B was chocolate chunk cookies. I bought these cookies from a cousin. They’re the kind that schools sell that you can stick in the freezer and pull out anytime. Love them. I have to admit that once we bought a box and never made one cookie. We ate the dough straight from the freezer. I made this batch for church tonight, but I still didn’t have enough. I took what I had. 

Plan C was cupcakes. If you ever read my Cake Making 101 post, you may recall that I freeze cake.  Well, I do the same things with cupcakes. I had more white velvet batter left over from one of my recent cakes. I put the left over batter into some muffin tins to make cupcakes. I then stick the cooled cupcakes in a gallon size zip lock bag and stick them in the freezer. Then, you can pull them out *within 3 months), let them defrost and and them frost them like normal. I am so glad I had these ones in the freezer. The great thing for you, the reader, is that with plan C you get another one of my favorite buttercream recipes. That will be my next post. I felt like a sweet factory today pushing out all these goods. Sorry Plan A didn’t work out, but I want you to be able to always trust the recipes I give.
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  1. I must tell you – I loooooooooved your line “I have made a commitment to not pass on any recipe to you that I don’t love. I can’t pass this recipe on to you”.

    It’s worth a lot!!!

    • Thank you so much. I have had to do a plan B post a few times because of it. I mostly do recipes I’m already familiar with, but I love to try new things. I love your blog for that too.

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