Mommy Time Dice

OK – It’s just one die. I know that calling it a “dice” is not really technically correct. However “mommy time die” just didn’t sound quite right. Agreed? I had done one of our favorite projects recently – turning your kids into interchangeable blocks. I had a few left over blocks from the original project, and I was trying to brainstorm what I could do with them and came up with this idea. This is a die to roll when we are having unplanned mommy time. It’s a great thing to pull out to fill our random gaps in the day. When a moment arises, just pull out the die, have the kids roll it and that’s the activity for the moment that they get to do with their parent involvement.

What you will need is a 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 wooden block (If you are going to use my printable), mod podge, paint brush or sponge brush, scissors and printable.

The next step is to cut out the different squares and Mod Podge them onto the block. You’ll have to let a few sides dry before you move on to the next. Please see my post about tips for doing Mod Podge to help you with the technique.

For those of you who like the idea but don’t want to go to the trouble of making a wooden block, here’s a printable my wonderful husband made. Ain’t he the best?

Of course your kids will want to do an activity right away when the die dries. Our die landed on puzzles.

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    Great Idea. I think you should make one for the mommies so we don’t always just end up surfing the web, blogging or on Pinterest.LOL

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    That is an inspired idea! I love it. I think I’d add Outdoor play to it – my kids love it when we play with them outside. :) (By the way, I had to show my hubby – I’m sure he’ll make me up a wooden block! lol)

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      Outdoor play is a great idea. I live in the Pacific NW, so I could only be guaranteed of some sun part of the time. I hope you have fun with it.

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      Thanks so much, Bonnie. I wonder if you could adapt it to the classroom when kids get their work done. Send kids off to different centers – computer, reading, etc. Might be fun for your students.

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      I’m so sorry. This week has been crazy busy this past week. I’d love to look for you again next week. You could totally skip that step and print out the printable I made. Cut and tape or glue together on stock paper. Have a great week.

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      It was fun to check out your blog too. I’ve never seen anything like the dryer ball things. Very interesting. Thanks so much for following here.

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    Hey Jodi, wonderful post. We all need some ‘Me Time’. I liked the idea of getting kids involved in this activity. Just now, shared it on my facebook page.
    Nice read.

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      Thanks so much for sharing! I think we definitely need some “me time” on the die. I guess I just always try to work that in at other times…like right now ;-). Thanks!

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