Day #244 Availability with the Giraffe – Character Development, Week #35

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” 
– Romans 12:10
Today we took our cues from the giraffe to learn about availability. First, I taught Abby about the giraffe (Kenzie was sick). Here is what makes the giraffe available:
1. The giraffe travels in a herd, and they are always watching out for one another. They move and work as a team, sacrificing their own needs for the good of the whole.
2. When some giraffes need to go off to look for food, members of the her will sit and stay with the young. They make themselves available to watch each others children when needed.
3. While giraffes are eating, they often are looking out to scout the land to make sure the area is safe for all. They sacrifice their focus on eating to be able to keep a watch on their land. They can see for a mile. 
4. Giraffes need to drink in a very funny position. They spread their legs out wide to be able to dip their head down to the water. There is always a giraffe that keeps watch while the herd is drinking. If one drops their head to the water, another giraffe will look up to keep watch. Though they are thirsty, they make themselves available to keep watch.
After learning about the giraffe, we did the craft. It was simple. I drew a giraffe on yellow paper. If you want a simple outline of a giraffe, you can click here. Sorry I didn’t have time to make my own printable today. Once drawn, My daughter just used glue to stick down Cheerios for the spots. I got this idea from “Character First,” a character developing curriculum. 


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