Day #305 Tip – Rotate Toys

Trading out toys has been on my “to do” list for a while. I feel like we have too many toys. We do give toys away when we get new ones, and yet I still feel like there is too much. I am not quite sure how I’m going to handle Christmas and relatives who want to buy them toys. My kids don’t play much with what they have. I’ve wondered if we have the wrong kind of toys or if they have other interests. Maybe they’re not at the age to become truly engaged in certain toys yet. I thought if we simplified then they can focus better on a few things. However, I wasn’t ready to give up on some of the things. The toys are perfectly good and may be interesting to them once they are fresh again. We have decided to trade out their toys once a month or so. It was a little scary to see the attachment issues though. There was definitely a fight as I packed things up. I explained they’d be back. I’m not giving them away (yet). We’re just rotating them.


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    I think rotating toys is such a great idea. We do this too. I also try to help relatives understand that wanting to give our boys gifts is great, but we have a small house and do not need a lot of toys (my boys are 3 yo and 15 months and often seem happier just running around the backyard). I suggest books, stickers and even staple items (eating stuff is actually great – the boys love a cute bowl or plate and it is much more useful for us). I also love hearing that you pare down and give to others, especially around the holidays. I think that is so important.

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