Day #306 – Vote!

My husband and I are voting tonight. I’m definitely not getting into politics on my blog. I am actually not very political. It takes a lot of work to sort through all the garbage to get down to the real story. It sends my mind whirling. We’re working through it here though. We’re looking at the Voter’s Pamphlet and doing our best to weed our way through the information and talk with people we trust to get their opinions – weighing what they say through our own opinions and information we know. It’s a process, but I know it’s important. My dad will appreciate this post because he had to harass me for years, nearly dragging me to the polls. However, here I am as an adult willing and even encouraging others to vote. We are blessed with the ability to vote in our country. To be able get out our voice about how our government should be run is an amazing privilege. Our government was created as a republic, giving us a say and helping to protect our individual rights. If you have an opinion and want things to change, you need to be willing to stand up and make your voice heard. 

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