Day #309 Tip – “It doesn’t affect how much I love you…”


Today was a rough day. The kids were being ornery. Their attitudes were not good. They weren’t obeying. I was openly frustrated with their behavior. My patience wasn’t where I would like to have it in an ideal world. I have the bad trait of wearing my heart on my sleeve. So, if I’m annoyed with the kids, it is quite obvious. Today, there was reason for annoyance. However, I wanted to make sure they knew that it in no way affects my love for them. I sat them both down individually, amidst the frustration, and looked them in the eye. I explained to them that I was frustrated. I asked them if they knew why. I let them explain what was happening and why I might have this frustration. They knew exactly what was happening and how they were contributing. I confirmed that I was disappointed in the way they were acting. I also made sure to say that I love them no matter what. Because they could see my annoyance, I wanted to affirm my unconditional love for them. I told them the qualities I love in them and yet confirmed the reasons why it had been a rough day. We want our kids to understand the unending love God has for them. We have experienced this love and grace and need to let it reflect in us. 

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