Day #310 – Have You Told Your Husband “Thank You” Lately?

Kenzie was in need of some new clothes, so we ran to Target today. She arrived home and put on her new outfit. I made this video to send to my husband with no intent on making a blog post out of it. However, I began to think about it and thought it would be good to encourage other wives to say thank you to their husbands. They work so hard. I know we do too, but I don’t think we can ever understand the pressures men are under at work. It is important to be conscience of saying thank you to our husbands. Even if…especially if…you are in a bad spot in your marriage right now. Surely, you can find good things in your husband to be thankful about. It’s easy to focus on the negative, so turn your thinking around and look for all the things he IS doing. By encouraging those things rather than nagging about the other, you will do a better job respecting your husband in the way he needs. 


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