Leaf Glitter and Blown Paint Trees

I have some friends looking out for me and sending me some fabulous ideas. I love it. A friend texted me a picture of this idea, and I’m not quite sure where the “leaf glitter” idea originated. The picture I saw used leaf glitter on a leaf outline. However, when I searched for “leaf glitter” I found an idea I liked at Full Circle. I used paint rather than ink for the tree. I will give you a step by step on how we did it. 

I took a bit of brown paint and and mixed in some water to thin it out a bit.

We then used a medicine dropper to suck up some paint and spit it out on the bottom of the paper.

Next, use a straw and have the kids blow paint up and out into branches. At times, we needed to add more paint to branch out in the directions we wanted. 

I sent my kids outside to collect leaves. I encouraged them to get a variety of colors in the leaves. To dry them out, I put them in the microwave for a little over a minute. I made sure to let my kids know to never to do this by themselves and to keep their eyes on the leaves to make sure no fire started.

The next step is to make the “glitter.” Have the kids just crumple up the leaves. We had a few leaves not ready to crumble, so we just used scissors to cut them up into small pieces. 

You treat leaf glitter just like regular glitter. Put down glue where you want your leaves, sprinkle on the leaf pieces, and dump the excess.


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