Day #317 – Kiwi Crate Review and Giveaway

I am so excited to present another giveaway. Our last one was so successful, and I quickly found how fun it is to give something away to my readers. I am thrilled to share Kiwi Crates with you. I was excited when my Kiwi Crate box arrived at the door. My husband is very into packaging and efficiency. When he has opened his Apple/Mac products, he has always commented on the presentation. There is an immediate sense you are receiving a high quality product. This is exactly how I felt as I opened our first Kiwi Crate. Everything about this box spoke quality from start to finish. You could tell every piece had been well thought out with no detail missed. Now, what is Kiwi Crates? I hope you’ll stop by their website to find out more details, but essentially it is pre-packaged crafts and activities that show up on your door step once a month. You can also buy boxes individually. The boxes are designed in such a way to foster creativity and fun. This is a great solution for all moms, but especially those who feel overwhelmed trying to pull crafts and activities together. This doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. These are self contained boxes that make it so simple. There is not just one activity. The box comes with all the supplies for multiple projects based on the theme of the box. There are additional cards with ideas you can do with your own supplies. You can check out their sample crates to see what I’m talking about. It not only gives you things to create, but it gives activities you can do with what you make that really captures a child’s imagination. This company has received all sorts of awards and recognition, and it has become obvious to me why this is so. Maybe I just need to jump into showing you the projects in my box so you can understand more thoroughly. Kiwi Crate came together with Carnegie Hall to create a box based around music called, “Music to my Ears.” This is the Crate we were able to experience. This crate was absolutely perfect for our family. My husband is an amazing drummer. I have a background in singing. My dad started a wind symphony. My mom is in choir. My mother-in-law is an amazing pianist and singer. My father-in-law has a history in music too. Music is already a passion, and it’s great to have another avenue for exposing our kids to the love of music.


Like I said, this is a high quality product, obvious from the first opening of the box.

The first thing Kenzie was able to do was decorate her box, which would become the base of the xylophone.

Next, it was time to stretch the big rubber bands around the box. She was able to do it all on her own.

With super clear instructions and pictures, we were easily able to twist the rubber band and slide in the bars of the xylophone.

With glue dots and wood pieces (all included), she was able to construct the mallets.

She added dots to the bars to indicate the different notes that could be played.

They included dots to make up a little song. They provided their own pattern to copy and with extra dots, encouraged kids to make their own songs.

Kenzie loved playing the patterned sheet.

All of the kids had fun playing with it.

There were additional ideas that could be done with the product, including making a guitar, using spoons for the xylophone and using different mallets to experiment with the different sounds that could be made. I love how they didn’t stop when the product was over but built on it to encourage more creative play. 


Can you just tell the quality of this product? I loved having everything so self contained. There was easy set up and clean up with super clear instructions.

The first step was to color the beads. Abby loved decorating all of them. There were pencils included, or you can get out your own markers or paint.

Next, she was able to string on her beads and bells.

There was one set of bells for her wrist and one set for her ankle.

The last part was all of our favorite parts. The time for rhythm. They gave simple rhythms for the kids to copy. The first one was just stomp-stomp-clap-clap. They combined a few with stomps, claps, touching your toes and shaking your hands. Abby absolutely loved this part. The directions encourage you to make up your own rhythms too, which has been a fun thing around our house. Abby is coming up with ideas for Kenzie and visa versa. We are all jumping in on the fun. 

The excitement doesn’t end there. The box came with more cards to help educate your children about music. It also includes ideas to do with your own materials, which we will definitely be doing. Stay tuned for more fun.

In the meantime, you get a giveaway. How exciting is that? I’m sure you are drawn to what you seen here. I really hope you will take the time to peruse their website to be inspired by all of the other boxes available. They are offering up a free box to one of my readers. I hope you’ll consider this company and what they have to offer. I also want to encourage you to sign up for their newsletter, which will keep you up to date on all the offers and upcoming developments within Kiwi Crate. Now…on to the giveaway.

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