How to Quilt a Fondant Cake

Creating a beautiful quilted pattern is easier than it looks. This tutorial should show you clearly how to quilt a fondant cake. First, you need to learn how to cover a cake in fondant. I hope you will look at my Cake Making 201 post on how to work with fondant. I work with Duff Goldman by Gartner Studios Fondant, White, 2-Pounds as my fondant choice. I prefer the flavor to other brands. It also comes pre-mixed with a variety of colors, which is very convenient.
1. Take a ruler and tape two toothpicks 1 inch apart onto the ruler. This becomes the tool for marking the upper edge of your cake.
2. Go along the upper edge or your cake with your toothpick ruler, poking a hole every inch. To do this, you will always put one toothpick in the hole in front of it, while the other toothpick pierces the next hole.
3. Make a template for your angle with stiff paper. You want it to be able to bend around the cake but still have a firm edge to guide your tools. I made my template by doing the height of the cake and the bottom 2 inches away from the edge. If you want steeper quilting, you will make the bottom edge one inch in length. 
4. Now you put your template against the cake going from one of your one inch marks at the top, angling down to the base of the cake.
5. Use a tool to run your marks along the edge of the cake. Here I have a tool that creates more of a stitched look. You can also use the back of a sculpting tool or even the back of a knife for a straight look. You want something firm enough to leave an impression on the cake but not too sharp where it will damage the fondant by piercing into it. Keep doing these angled marks from each of your one inch marks.
6. Once you have made your angled lines all around the cake, flip your template over and begin working around the opposite direction. The part of the template that was facing you, now should be facing the cake. This will give the crisscross pattern you are trying to achieve. 
I used this quilted cake for a baby shower cake I made. I made little buttons at each crossing point. You can leave the quilting alone or add embellishments at the crossing points.

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  1. Mayra Gonzalez says

    I just made one cake like that . And I did not liked it. I wish I had found your page 3 days ago . Amazing, thank you very much for sharing.


    • says

      You are welcome. I’m so sorry yours didn’t turn out. The second attempt, I’m sure, will be much better. I know how disappointing it is when you have a vision of what you want and the execution doesn’t quite match the picture in your head. It is so frustrating. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Michele says

    Thanks! I’ve been wanting to do quilting on a fondant cake but every time I attempt it, it’s crooked or uneven. :) Thanks for the tips!

  3. Tara Silvester says

    I’ve just been asked to make a friend a birthday cake, and I had planned to make one of the tiers a quilted cake, I have always wondered how to do it,& this is very helpful and saves me having to go out a buy expensive tools for it, thank you so much for this tip, I will let you know how it turns out xx

  4. Mua says

    I have been wanting to a quilted cake for some time now, and i am so glad I found your blog :) Every blog i’ve seen uses all these special tools, i have everything you mentioned around my house. Can’t wait to try it out, thanks for the breakdown!

    • says

      Hello. Sorry it’s take me so long to respond. No, you don’t need to poke holes on the bottom. The triangle edge you create will give the perfect guideline as to wear to stop each time to make it consistent. I hope that’s helpful.

  5. says

    Hi, Thanks so much for this. So much more clever and money saving than that cake supplier that does videos and sells cake supplies for this!

  6. Deirdre says

    Hi Jodi,
    Thank you sooo much. This tutorial is excellent. It is exactly what i have been looking for to do my wedding cake. I wanted to buy a cutter which unfortunately are not easily available in Ireland. This is exactly what i was trying to find but i gave up looking. I did a google images search and your cake came up. I cannot wait to see the rest of you site.


    • says

      Yay! I’m so glad this was helpful. I hope the cake turns out fantastic. Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and I hope you’ll be back!

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