Kidz Can Design Jewelry Giveaway – Your Child’s Artwork Turned into a Sterling Silver Pendent

Kidz Can Design is a fabulous concept. They turn your children’s artwork into custom jewelry your children will love. I have joined with them to do a fabulous giveaway for you. You may recall that I had Abigail working on perseverance when she really wanted to draw a bird. She was trying to draw a bird so that Kidz Can Design would turn it into a sterling silver pendant for her. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. They turned her drawing:

Into a gorgeous necklace, which is so special because it is exactly what she designed:

How cool is that? Abby was so excited when her package arrived. She immediately wanted to open it and wear it. She announced that she definitely wants to take this to show and tell. It is such a simple process too. Their website makes the whole process a breeze, and the company seems determined to do things right. The box came in a cute little jewelry box, and Abby was enthralled with the box it came in also. I think this would be the perfect gift for anytime, but might be especially spectacular as Valentine’s Day approaches. 

Do you want the opportunity to turn your children’s artwork into a special pendant as well? It is time for the giveaway. Sweet! I have learned to love giveaways because I think you love giveaways. I think this will be a popular one. You have the usual ways of entry. I’ve also been able to partner up with Cheerios and Lattes and Crystal and Co to get the word out about this giveaway. Make sure to follow her for extra entries. You’ll also be able to follow our sponsor, Kidz Can Design, by Facebook or signing up for their mailing list. 

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  1. says

    I think this is a great idea. I’ve seen a few people that turn children’s artwork into stuffed toys, which is also great – but I think this necklace idea is fabulous. It would be the perfect gift to take one of my nephew’s drawings and have it made into a necklace for his grandma <3

  2. sandra reck says

    My daughter just received a necklace you made from her sons design. The most adorable thing I have ever seen. Send me updated when you have them. Amazing.

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