DIY Photo Booth Moustache and Beard Props with Printable

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Photo booth moustache and beard photo booth props are hot right now. I wanted to give you a printable to make these easily achievable for your own needs. So, why did I need these? It was for an auction project at Abby’s school that I was in charge of making. That’s all I’m going to tell you for now, but stay tuned for tomorrow because you are in for a really fun project idea. For the project, I wanted to make these props. On a side note, I had to look up the spelling of moustache vs. mustache. Apparently either way is correct, but it’s more common as mustache in the United States. I had already done the graphic on the picture with moustache, so I stayed consistent with that in my post. There’s your little grammar lesson for the day.

1-#moustache #photo booth #printable -001 How did I create the printable for you? I figured out the shapes of moustaches I wanted. I wanted the two sides to be symmetrical, so I drew half of the design and then folded the paper over and cut them out. I traced these onto black paper and cut them out.

mustaches for abbys class

I made these into a printable by scanning it, fixing it up a bit in Photoshop and the giving it to you here. All you will need to do is print these out on white stock paper and then cut them out. If it doesn’t print black enough, cut around them and trace them onto black paper.

1-#moustache #beard #photo booth #props #printable-006 I used long bamboo skewers and attached my beards and mustaches to the end with hot glue.

1-#photo booth #props #diy #printable There you have some great photo props. These are perfect for kid faces, but we actually used them as adults too.

1-photo booth Here’s a picture from our church women’s retreat. They were taking pictures, and I said, “I have some photo booth moustaches and beards in my camera bag. Do you want to use them?” They were a big hit, but I know they were laughing ¬†at me. Who happens to carry around photo props in their bag? Yes, a blogger. I hadn’t removed the props from my bag after the project you’ll be seeing tomorrow. On a side note, I’d love for you to follow along on Instagram. I do more pictures of our daily life. It’s all the non-blog part of our lives. I’ve found Instagram a fun way to communicate. You can click on the button below or head to my page on Instagram.


  1. beverly says

    thank you so very much for the download of mustache’s and beards! we will be using them for our theme Duck Dynasty, cross out duck and add jesus dynasty For our RA/GA 1st – 6th graders, end of year party. dress is camo/jeans, pictures with MOM/Daughter…Dad/Son, serious pic and silly pic w/beards!


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