How to Gain Wisdom – Craft for Teaching Kids


“For the Lord gives wisdom, and from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding.” – Proverbs 2:6

Wisdom seems like such an adult word, but I do believe you can teach wisdom to children. Today we did a craft together, which yielded long term results. I decided to do something more substantial that we could keep and display as a reminder of how to receive true wisdom. As I was considering how to add to my character development series and build on the word of the week “wisdom,” I immediately thought of trying to teach that true wisdom is found in the Bible. Man has all kind of “wisdom” they may try and pass off, but nothing can come close to the true Word of God. I decided I wanted to do a craft involving the Bible. I started browsing the internet, but I wasn’t inspired. I thought about writing the word wisdom using scripture. I began to consider how I wanted to do that.

My initial brainstorming process might be your answer how to do something similar with your own kids if you don’t want to buy the wood letters to make a more permanent piece of art for your house. The first idea was to print out pages of scripture onto card stock and then just cut out the big letters w-i-s-d-o-m. I figured I could scan a page from the Bible or find an image online and paste it into a Word document. Then, on top of that, I would do an outline of the letters in wisdom – one letter per page. I could print it out, the kids could cut it out, and we could paste it on tag board or hang it on the wall. An adaptation I thought for this was to paste it on tagboard and then write the rest of our Bible verse around it.

Another option I considered was to cut out the letters w-i-s-d-o-m out of cardboard and then do a similar process as I did with the wooden letters. Of course, this is a less expensive option, but it is a bit more work and not as long term. It really depends what you want as the process and result.

I am now going to present my final idea for teaching wisdom with the pages of the Bible

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The first thing I did was to copy pages of the Bible onto normal printing paper. When working with Mod Podge, you want to use a thinner paper like printing paper or thinner. For more tips on using Mod Podge, please visit my post, “10 Tips for Using Mod Podge.”

1-#wisdom #teaching kids #Bible-001 I purchased some wooden letters. As I said, I really wanted to create an art piece as a reminder, so I was OK spending a little money for the letters. I found these at Michael’s craft store. After I used coupons, this was about a $20 craft. We used Mod Podge and stuck down our pieces of scripture onto the letters. They then did a coat on top.

1-#wisdom #teaching kids #craft-009

The pages hang over the edges a bit as we are laying them down, and that is OK. We really layered them at random. I let the kids choose where they wanted to lay them down. My kids each helped with one letter until they were bored with it. I did the other three letters, although Kenzie seemed to stick around and help longer, which was fabulous. As we worked, I talked to them to remind them about the definition of wisdom. I also talked to them about how the only way to have true wisdom is to seek out God’s wisdom in his Word.

1-#wisdom #teaching kids #craft-021

When the letters were dry, I used an Exacto knife to cut the excess paper off the letters.

1-#wisdom #teaching kids #craft-023 I did a final (second) coat over the top to seal it all in and give the final product.

I will be hanging these letters in my office area. We didn’t get a chance to do that today, so I’ll update this post with a final picture later this weekend. The goal is to do “seek” in vinyl letters over the wooden letters.





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