Mermaid Birthday Invitations DIY


1-#mermaid party #invitation #diy-001Abigail is turning 6 this week, and she requested a mermaid party. So, I got busy making some DIY mermaid birthday invitations. I decided to have her mermaid party revolve around different shades of blues, turquoises, teals and greens. A variety of papers are going to drive part of the decorating for the party. So, I used the left over glitter paper to design the front of the mermaid invitations. I will show you how it is done.

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Here is a sample of all the papers I’m using for her party. Fun glitter paper was on sale. Yay!

1-#mermaid pary #invitations #diy-004


A while ago I had purchased a whole bunch of cards and matching envelopes. So, I had the turquoise color card at home. I cut a thinner strip of the glitter paper to put on top.
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I then drew out a mermaid tail. I folded it in half down the center to make sure I had a symmetrical mermaid tail. I then cut it out to make it my template.

1-#mermaid pary #invitations #diy-012

I traced the mermaid tail on the back of the glitter paper and used an Exacto knife to cut it out. Although I was using the paper with the mermaid tail cut out of the center, I kept the actual tails because I might want to do a craft with them at the party.

1-#mermaid pary #invitations #diy-017

Here I have pictured the three pieces of paper that will make up the invitation. There’s the bottom card that I printed out the invitation on the back. I then had the mermaid cut out paper. The last piece of paper was just big enough to fit in the hole of the really glittery paper.

1-#mermaid pary #invitations #diy-018

I taped the more mild glitter paper to the back of the really glittery paper to so that it showed through.

1-#mermaid pary #invitations #diy-020

I made a printable for you of these blue fish scales. I cut them out to put at the top of my printed side of the invitation.

1-#mermaid pary #invitations #diy-024


Kenzie helped me use glue dots to stick all the elements of the invitation together. The glue dots worked well, but double stick paper may have been better.

1-#mermaid party #invitations #diy-002Abby wrote her friends names on all of the invitations. This is the first birthday party where we have new school friends. I am excited to get a new group of people here to get to know better. Abby is really excited about the birthday party. It is going to be a busy week for me. I just baked the cakes today to stick in the freezer. I should have some decorating supplies arriving in the next couple of days. I need to figure out a menu, and you should see my house right now. I’m bracing myself for the ride.



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  1. Liane Redford says:

    Your mermaid party is wonderful. I see your daughter was turning 6. My daughter is 7 1/2. The girls now SAY princesses, etc are for little kids, but they really still like them. I would love to give this party for my daughter. She and her friends would forget they are such grown up 2nd graders and have a great time. I just need to get the boat!

    • I’m glad you were inspired. Have so much fun planning it. Eventually, they might not want parties like this at all, so enjoy it while you can. Thanks for commenting.

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