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Here's an adorable, kid-friendly, Easter bunny dessert. 
Course Dessert
Cuisine Baking
Keyword Easter


  • Oreos
  • Milano Cookies
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Candy Melts
  • Butterscotch or Reese's Peanut Butter Chips


  • On a blank white sheet of paper, draw out bunny ears in Sharpie. You will want to lay your Milano cookie down and draw them coming out of the top of the cookie so you can get the proportion right.
    2. On top of a cookie sheet, place down your bunny ear paper to trace and then a piece of parchment paper. You will be able to see your Sharpie bunny ears come through the parchment.
    3. Melt chocolate wafers according to the package directions.
    4. Prepare a piping bag with a coupler and tip #2. Do not take a short cut here. Warm chocolate melts and want to run everywhere. You want the coupling (the white plastic bit that fits the tip to the bag) fixed with a small tip to help control the speed of the chocolate. I initially wanted to try it without a coupling and just a small hole at the bottom, but the chocolate was impossible to control.
    5. Trace the chocolate on top of the bunny ear Sharpie shapes. At the base of the ears but still touching add a small pile of chocolate to help affix the ears to the cookie (see instructional picture or video tutorial).
    6. Place your bunny on top of the chocolate pile with the ears sticking out.
    7. Pipe the chocolate eyes and nose. Add two dots of chocolate where the butterscotch or Reese’s chips will go to make the cheeks.
    8. Cut off the tips of the butterscotch or Reese’s chips so they have a flat surface to stick onto the dots of chocolate.
    9. Allow chocolate to harden completely.
    10. Open pudding cups.
    11. Crush OREOS to a crumb to create OREO dirt. What I love about OREO dirt is that it has the little white specks that make it actually look like real dirt with fertilizer. Just see how it turned out in my succulent chocolate mousse dessert.
    12. Once the chocolate on the bunny is hardened you can stick the bunnies into the pudding cups.