Rainbow Birthday Party

We just just had a super fun rainbow birthday party for my daughter. Today I want to equip you with ideas for decorations, food, games, crafts, and the cake. I hope you are inspired.
The Kids

Each child was able to choose the color of the rainbow they wanted to represent.  They came dressed in the color. When they got here, most of them put on the felt headband we made them.  The birthday girl was adorned in the rainbow skirt and rainbow headband we made her. 
The Food

The food included big lollipops, rainbow goldfish, layered jello (I looked back in my history to try and remember who I saw this idea from…even looked through old emails, but I’m sorry I couldn’t find the post I had commented on to link back.  If it was you, let me know, and I’d love to link back), Kool Aid in a array of colors, rainbow candy, fruit kabobs and of course the cake.
The Table
 Fruit Loop Rainbows
 Scratch Rainbow Paper
  Balloon Pop
I had seen a fun party game on Pinterest, and I pinned it.  It showed a balloon display with candy inside.  The kids would throw darts at the balloons to get their prizes…brilliant…pin.  Oh, hmmm…should I give a bunch of darts to three, four and five year olds? Maybe not age appropriate.  Our oldest guest probably could have handled it, but I decided darts weren’t the best idea, but I still liked part of the concept.  So, we put candy in some of these balloons.  Their goal?  To find it by sitting on the balloons of their color.  It was taking a bit of time for their little bodies to pop those balloons, so we ended up giving them the scratch stick from the above craft.  I was a little afraid that I’d have crying kids with all the popping, but there were no tears…just a lot of fun.
Presents and Cake
Our Tree Tradition
At our children’s first birthday, we plant them a tree.  We take a picture at each birthday to see how they grow together.  We try to get a tree that blooms at the same time as their birthday.  It’s a late season – winter has lasted way too long, so you don’t see the beautiful white flower.  Here’s a picture from her first birthday when we planted the tree:

I was featured:

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    Wow, how bright and beautiful all the colors look! I know they had fun. I was recently at a 1 y.o. birthday party with ladybug theme where they used the jars for drinks. Cool idea :)

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    Wow!!!! You are amazing! I love it all!!! I love the colors, all the crafts, and awesome food! I especially love the tree idea!! Way to go Mama! You rock!!!

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      Thank you so much, Trina. I’ve learned from a couple big families that you want to create “buy in” with your kids to your family model. A lot of that is making our lifestyle fun. I guess this is all part of the process.

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    Love the jello and the wall of balloons. Your daughter looks like she loved every minute! I love how we had a lot of similar ideas, but a few of our own, too. Well done,Mommy!

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    This is amazing!! I was just talking to my daughter about throwing her a rainbow party–you did an unbelievable job!!


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    wow – what an amazing set up and your cake is divine…I found you via the blog hop and have just become your newest follower – would love for you tstop by and do the same when you have a chance.

    Have a rainbow-y day!

    p.s. the cake is SUper-ific!

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      Thanks so much for following. Your scrap booking entices me to do more. Alas, no extra time and other hobbies have taken over. Fun ideas you have though.

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    Too cute! I love all of the great rainbow ideas- especially the fruit kabobs! Thanks for linking with Scout’s Sweet Sundays!

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    Stopping by from Scout’s Stitches. :) Your party & food design is lovely – and looks so doable. The really over the top super fancy parties intimidate me, but this I could totally pull off. I think my favorite things are the cake (lot’s of love when into that cake, I can tell) and the balloon windows (such an awesome idea!!) I’m totally pinning this. Thanks for sharing. :)

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      I think you could pull it off too. Even the cake wasn’t as hard as I imagined. With my daughter’s help, I finished the fondant sides during one nap session. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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      Thank you. It’s so much fun to be able to do this stuff with/for my kids. Takes something I love and applies it to my family. Can’t beat that.

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      I’m so glad you stopped by. I loved your party too. So much fun to see different ideas for the same theme. I hope you’ll stop by again.

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      I tried to translate what you said using free translation, but I think something was lost in the translation. Thanks for stopping by. Wish I spoke Portuguese.


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