Froot Loop Art

My kids absolutely loved making froot loop art. 

The first thing I did was set my kids to sorting fruit loops.

Then, I took the fruit loops to the Cuisinart. If you do not have a food processor, no worries. Just pour them into a bag and pound it out by hand with a kitchen mallet.

You now have turned your Froot Loops into a fine powder for making art. 

All you do now is glue and sprinkle the colors on. You do this a lot like you’d apply glitter. Sprinkle it in the spots you want and then dump the rest back in the bowl. I ended up doing most of the gluing for the artwork, but Abby was able to do a bit, and I know they’ll be able to do even more as they get older. They had fun even if I was in charge of the glue. 


  1. Kwee yee says

    Look sooo pretty!!

    But I have one silly qn.. Will the art piece attract ants or cockroaches? Think it will look to pretty to be thrown away after that..

    • says

      I don’t know. Good question. I don’t save a lot, to be honest. We made them, displayed them and then threw them away. I wonder if you could Mod Podge over them or use some other sealant to preserve them a bit more. Might be worth trying. Thanks for commenting and adding your thoughts.

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