Day #309 – Cotton Ball Races

Cotton ball races are fun. There are rainy days around her in the great Pacific NW where we just don’t go outside. I’m kind of a fair weather mom like that. However, if we are going to be stuck inside, we might as well do something active, different and fun. Cotton ball races will provide a great activity for those rainy indoor activities. I had them use snot suckers we have. You can also use turkey basters. Just choose your starting point and let the races begin. My husband and I were both able to jump in the fun too.

1-cotton ball races indoor activities for kids Feb 21, 2014, 10-29 AM

The kids enjoyed scooting across the kitchen floor and had to try different techniques until they found methods that really worked. One of the favorites was to set the snot sucker on the ground next to the cotton ball and do one big bang with their hand, watching the puff of air blow the cotton ball toward the finish line.

1-cotton ball races indoor activities for kids Feb 21, 2014, 10-36 AM At one point Corban decided to stick on his dad’s helmet that we just wore when we went snowmobiling.

This last image is another time we had done cotton ball races. This is a mess-free, indoor activity that you can really do over and over. Pin It


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