Froot Loop Mosaic Cookies

Here’s the plan B I promised. I hope you checked out Plan A – Froot Loop Art. When I was planning for Froot Loop Art, I thought to myself, “Why are we just putting these Froot Loops in glue? They are edible, and they taste good.” That’s when the idea came to make Mosaic looking Froot Loop cookies. I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe to make the cookies. I hope you saw the 4th of July Tart we made out of this recipe as well. Here are some pictures from our baking experience:

The cookies have to chill for a few hours in the refrigerator, and we actually waited overnight before we rolled them out and used a square or circle cookie cutter to create our sugar cookie shapes.

Yes, they might get a little messy.

I hope you saw how simple it was to turn Froot Loops into a great powder to use to create art. We use this same powder for the cookie decorating. I had the cookie idea before we started the fruit loop art, so this powder was set aside. There is no glue in our cookies – no worries.

Now you have your cookies and your Fruit loop powder, and you’ll be almost ready to go. I just mixed up some of my favorite buttercream frosting. I also purchased black decorating frosting from the store. I don’t love piping with it, but I know I really don’t love trying to make black frosting. A tip for that, by the way, is to start with chocolate frosting and add black from there. You should do the same with fondant…starting with chocolate fondant and tinting black from there. If you start with white, you’ll never get it black.

I tried a couple different techniques to get the effect I wanted. I rested on the idea of using toothpicks to block off the pattern you want. Then, carefully sprinkle in the quadrant you want with the desired color of Froot Loop powder. Once the entire cookies is divided into the colors you want, remove the toothpicks, and pipe black over the lines.

With a little guidance, my oldest was able to do every step but the black piping. Unfortunately, Kenzie had made some bad decisions and wasn’t able to participate. I told her I was sorry she wasn’t showing enough self control to help. However, if she could show self control and not throw a fit and obey, then I would save a couple she could help with after dinner. She was able to that. I just didn’t get any pictures. Warning: These cookies are fairly involved to make, but they’re addicting.



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