Fall Leaf Crayon Craft

This fall leaf crayon craft will look beautiful as it becomes a sun catcher in the windows this autumn. After all, we need to catch as much sun as possible as the weather turns darker, right? This colorful fall project is a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Looking for more leaf crafts? Check out my other 50 leaf ideas or these beautiful leaf prints.

Toward the beginning of my blog, I made some fun sun catchers. I thought it would be fun to adapt this craft to make some beautiful fall leaves for the window.

I have a box of pretty battered crayons. I grabbed out a bunch of colors that represented fall leaves to me: brown, orange, red, greens, and yellow. Then, I laid down some wax paper. The wax paper needs to be twice as big as the size you want your leaf. 

Then, I had my kids pick their colors and begin sharpening the crayons, letting the shaving fall randomly on the wax paper. 

I then folded the wax paper in half on top of itself. I grabbed some paper to shield the ironing board and the iron. Next, I pressed (not ironed) the paper (with the wax/crayon sandwich inside). Let it cool and cut out your leaf shape. I just drew my leaves free hand and cut them out. If you would like to make a leaf stencil to be able to trace, here is a printable my wonderful husband made.  


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      My mom used to let me color on the griddle also. It was one of my favorite activities. You made me go buy a griddle at Goodwill yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration.


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