Day #307 – Game and Food Ideas for a Harvest Party

Abigail just had her Harvest Party at school. Our room mom did a fabulous job with all of the party details. I know there are a lot of involved parents reading my blog who might benefit from seeing some of the details from the Harvest Party I just went to at Abby’s school. I took tons of pictures of her classmates, but I don’t want to put pictures of other kids up without parent permission. I didn’t want to ask permission because I also haven’t told anyone about the blog, and I kind of want to keep it on the down low. I don’t want unrealistic expectations set on my kids or myself because of this venture. I know it’s not a great marketing strategy, but there ya go. All that said, the pictures won’t have other kids in them to protect those families.

Pumpkin Painting
Hook the Ring on the Pumpkin
Pull the Guts out of a Pumpkin
Finger Print Pumpkins on a Vine as a Card for Parents
Pumpkin Bowling
Fill up the Pumpkin with Popcorn Races
Find the Eyeball in the Haystack
Fruit and Vegetable Jack-O-Lantern Tray
Carmel Corn Mix with Funny Glasses and Vampire Teeth
Candy Corn Packages
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  1. Those are some cute activities! I haven’t ever seen some of those before! Using the pumpkins in so many events was very clever!

  2. Love these ideas!

  3. Hi,
    I love these ideas. I am having my first Harvest Party with our adult children and grandbabies. So, I will be using some of these for sure… :O)


    • I’m so glad you found this helpful. Wow! You certainly are preparing early. I’m impressed. Thanks for the sweet words about my daughter too!

  4. PS. Your daughter is so cute! :O)

  5. What did you use for an eyeball?


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