French Fried Onions

French fried onions are easy. If you make these, you will have people over your shoulder eating them as soon as they are cooled off enough to do so. They are absolutely fabulous and perfect to put on a salad, burger, chili, casserole, soup or just eat them up plain. I’ll be sharing a salad recipe tomorrow, which was the purpose of me making these. 

French Fried Onions
2 onions
2 cups flour 
Salt to Taste
Vegetable Oil for Frying
1. Thinly slice onions. I use a mandelin. 
2. Soak the onions in the milk or buttermilk for 5 minutes. I did just a handful at a time. 
3. Heat oil to 360.
4. Take the soaked onion rings and run them through the flour, using a fork or fingers to help coat them.

5. Fry in oil until golden brown, stirring with tongs occasionally to get even browning. 
6. Remove from oil. Set on paper towel and season to taste. 



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