Ladybug Pretzels

1-#ladybug #pretzels #spring #party-008 We made these fun ladybug pretzels for Kenzie’s spring party. These chocolate covered pretzels were the #1 hit at the party. They taste as good as they look. I don’t like to just show you a picture and let you guess how it is done. I like to empower you to be able to create these things. Some of you might see this and just know how to duplicate it. Others may have absolutely no clue and really appreciate a tutorial. So, that’s what I’m going to give. I clicked on the image I used from Pinterest, and it didn’t go anywhere, so I can’t link back. I have worked a lot with Candy Melts, so I knew what I needed to do. I hope you will be encouraged to see how easy it is to duplicate.

Materials Needed to Make Ladybug Pretzels

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I have a lot of posts about working with Candy Melts. They are so easy to use. You can search my blog for “Candy Melts” if you want further ideas or instructions. I have completely embraced the microwave directions…finally…and it works great. I purchased both a red and a black bag for this treat.

1-#ladybug #pretzel #recipe-006

Once melted, you will want to dip your pretzel in the chocolate. I put it in the chocolate, spooned chocolate over it, picked it up over the bowl and let the excess fall back into the bowl. I could also poke my fingers through the holes if needed.

1-#ladybug #pretzel #recipe-012

I laid all of my pretzels on wax paper on a jelly roll pan. I stuck these in the refrigerator to harden, which doesn’t take much time at all.

1-#ladybug #pretzels #spring #party-001 The next step was to melt the black Candy Melts. I would dip the tip in the chocolate, lay them on the wax paper and add the eyes.

I don’t have a picture of the final step, but I use a squeeze bottle (I found mine at my craft store, but I also saw them the other day in the grocery store) to do the polka dots on the backs of the ladybugs. I actually had my husband helping out with this party.

Like I said, the kids absolutely adored these chocolate ladybug pretzel treats.

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  1. Maria says

    I have a question.. Once I’m done & the chocolate has hardened, how do I store them? I don’t want to leave them in the fridge because they might get too hard. Thanks!

    • says

      You know – I just kept them in the refrigerator the whole time and didn’t worry about them getting too hard. It didn’t seem to be a problem. That said, if it’s not too hot, I don’t know why you couldn’t just store them at room temperature. I would just say “store in a cool place” to be safe. It wouldn’t have to be a refrigerator, but I know the summer days are coming, and I wouldn’t want them to melt on you.

      • Maria says

        Ok thank you, I think storing them in a air tight container & in a cool place should do it. By the way, they came out super cute! I’m making them for my lil ladybug’s first birthday & I’m so excited! Thanks for the recipe :)

  2. Debby says

    Could you please tell me if the pretzels should be salt free? I was wondering if the salt on the pretzels would make it appear bumpy. Also, can you make these a week in advance or should it be closer to the party? Thanks!

    • says

      They weren’t salt free, and it didn’t seem to matter. I believe you could make them a week in advance. I would just store them in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

  3. Darleene says

    My candy didn’t melt ? Making these for baby shower sat can u tell me how to make it melt please

  4. Joy Curtin says

    This is such a great idea for my granddaughters, rylee’s, first birthday party. I thank you for the easy to follow instructions. I can’t wait to try.

  5. Debbie says

    So darn cute, I must try these. I thought in a pinch i could use dark choc mini chips for the spots if i decide to skip the bottled choc step

  6. Donna Goodrich says

    I need to make these for one of our parties at the Senior Center. They would be a hit I bet & everyone will be asking how I done that


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