Cupcake Liner Flowers – Awana Cubbies Bear Hug #3 Craft

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Cupcake Liner Flowers – Awana Cubbies Bear Hug #3 Craft is the next addition to my AWANA Cubbies series. If you are just tuning in, I’m creating a craft for every Bear Hug lesson for Cubbies. If you have an Awana program at your church or in your area, I’d love for you to share this series with the leaders. I’m hoping it will be a great resource to help make their lives easier. Like all of these crafts, they can be used specifically for the Cubbies program or it can be used at home as you raise up your own children. Maybe you could do it to reinforce what they are learning at Awana. It would be a great spring craft for all kids. This craft comes with a helpful printable.

Bear Hug #3 speaks of God and his creation. “He…made everything beautiful…” from Ecclesiastes 3:11 is the verse that is memorized by the children. What is being discussed this day is the third day of creation where God created the plants, flowers and trees. He made all of these things beautiful. Flowers represent that perfectly, which led me to want to make a craft involving the creation of flowers.

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Materials Needed

Scripture Printable

Colorful Cupcake Liners

Green Construction Paper

Pom Poms, Sequins or Buttons

Glue Stick AND Elmer’s Glue


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Prepare the stems and leaves for your AWANA Cubbies ahead of time. We just made a bunch of green strips and simple leaves. We folded paper and used a template to make sure we cut out leaves to the same size.

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The kids will use the glue stick to paste down the stem, leaves and cupcake liner. We turned the cupcake liner inside out. I found it easiest to glue the liner by doing a big dot of glue straight to the paper on the top of the stem. Then they can just stick the cupcake liner on top of that and press down in the center.

1-#Cupcake Liner #flower #craft #Cubbies #Bear Hug 3-006 Finally, they can add the buttons, sequins or pom poms with the white Elmer’s glue.



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