Chore Ring for Earning Money

Chore Ring for Earning Money 1 Chore Ring for Earning Money 2 We are setting things in place to have an economy in our home, so I just created this chore ring for earning money.  Yesterday we made the money buckets so they know what to do with the money they earn.  Today was about creating a system so they know how they can earn money.  I found a similar idea at  It was great, but I always like to try my own version.  I wanted something compact that I could hide away when I wanted. Chore Ring for Earning Money 3 I found these “Woodsies” (thin wood of different shapes) in the wood section at Michael’s.  I traced around them onto different color paper.  Then, I had the girls paint one side of the Woodsies in different colors. Chore Ring for Earning Money 4

I even let the little guy get in on the fun.  I guess I was feeling adventurous.  Don’t let him know that we didn’t really use any of his pieces.

Chore Ring for Earning Money 5

After we had all our Woodsies painted & dried and our paper cut out, I had them Mod Podge the back, and I stuck down the paper.  I then wrote different chores on each one with a monetary value.  I made the earnings a multiple of ten so that I could easily do the 10%, 10%, 10%, 70% split we are implementing.  Here is a list of the chores I came up with:

* 30 cents for wiping down baseboards in bathroom * 30 cents for wiping down baseboards in Mom & Dad’s room * 40 cents for wiping baseboards in the living room * 40 cents for vacuuming the kitchen floor * 40 cents for wiping down baseboards in the kitchen * 70 cents for organizing one of their bedroom drawers (re-folding all their clothes) * 50 cents for vacuuming under couch cushions * 60 cents for dusting the living room * 30 cents for emptying the silverware from the dishwasher *$1.00 for wiping down all the fronts of the kitchen cabinets * 40 cents for cleaning out a kitchen drawer * 40 cents for cleaning out a bathroom drawer * 50 cents per bucket of weeds * 30 cents for matching socks in the laundry * 40 cents for organizing shoes in the front closet * $1.00 parent’s choice

The final step is to drill holes in the top and put them on a ring.  These rings are called “findings” and can be found in the jewelry making section of the craft store.  You can also put magnets on the back and keep them on the refrigerator.  I think this ring will work for us, but you can come up with any system that works for you – even just a typed out list of chore ideas.  You can also use these ideas if a child needs to pay you back for something they broke.  That’s a great teachable moment.
I actually ended up adding magnets on the back and making a Help Wanted poster  to my refrigerator. Please click on the link to discover that method.
I also want to share with you our about philosophy whether chores are paid or unpaid. I’d love to hear what your opinions are too.


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      So far, they are really enjoying it. I hope you find something that works well for you guys too. Thanks for your comments. Heading over to browse your site now too.

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      That’s a good question. It worked at the beginning, but it is my fault I haven’t been emphasizing it. I think it would be good to pursue it again. Thanks for the reminder.

  1. jennifer says

    Interesting idea did some of the extra chores that are most often overlooked but I also believe that basic chores should not be associated with compensation as sometimes, thr re are things that just have to get done. An equally important lesson.

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    This is such a brilliant idea, I’m just wondering though how old are your kiddos, my LG is only 4 and isn’t ready get yet so she isn’t quote ready for this one, I was however thinking of colour coding them so she sort of gets used to the colour for each task……

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      I think it’s going to be different for each child, but I think I started this when my kids were 4 and younger. My oldest got excited for a couple days and then the excitement wore off. She then re-visited it randomly, which is how I have it set up. I don’t think it was until recently (age 5 and 6) that they are starting to come back to it more because they are starting to understand the value of money more. I also made a “Help Wanted” poster ( so that I could advertise more when I needed help. I hope that’s helpful. I do like the color coding idea. Let me know if you start to implement this.

  3. Tiffany says

    I wish my child would do chores for under $1. She has her chore of washing dishes (without pay). I’d love to implement other chores for a monetary reward, however, I’m guessing I would have to pay $5 to $10 each. She is a stinker.

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      Wow! She drives a hard bargain. I imagine it’s more expensive with older kids, but I don’t know how old your kids are. I don’t know how much money is given to your kids in other ways (grandparents, birthdays, etc.), but I’m sure that plays into it too. My kids don’t have a lot of money so getting money is a big deal. I also don’t buy tons for them, so they look forward to going shopping with their own money. You’re in a tough spot.

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    I love this idea and wish I had it when my son was smaller. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I’ve pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board

  5. Amy says

    I love this idea. I will be running to Michael’s today on my lunch break. I have been trying to find a ‘chore chart’ idea that didn’t require magnets all over my fridge…or another big calendar on my wall lol. The ring is perfect. I’m going to buy the kids each their own ring so that after they do their chore they can move the chore from the original ring to their ring which we will add up at the end of each week. Thanks for the great idea!

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      So fun! I’m glad that you found and are excited about this chore ring, and I hope your kids have a great time embracing it too. Thanks so much for letting me know!


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