DIY Christmas Tree Word Decorations

As I mentioned yesterday, we are doing some new things with our tree this year. With the new look, comes some new DIY decorations. I think these words we made are my favorite new addition. They shout out what the season is all about. 

I purchased these letters at Michael’s. I picked out words that represented Christmas to me. They were 3″-4″ in size. The first thing to do was drill. My husband used the smallest drill bit we had – 1/16″. He drilled a hole 3/4 of an inch down on each letter. My husband did say, in retrospect, he would have liked using a hand drill over a drill press.

We spray painted the letters white and then used the glitter blast spray paint to go over the top. 

The glitter spray paint was fabulous. I had never used it before, but it covers perfectly. 

I found 26 gauge wire and crimp beads in the jewelry section at Michael’s. This would be how we put them together.
The girls helped with the next bit. You basically cut the wire to length and put on a crimp bead. Use pliers to squeeze closed the crimp beads. Abby had a lot of perseverance in trying this, but it was just too hard for them to squeeze enough to clamp it onto the wire. The kids could string on the beads and letters. Put on a crimp bead and crimp it to the wire. Then, add your letter. Add another crimp bead on the other side of the letter. This will hold the letter in place. Repeat this process for every letter. 
There you have your very own DIY word Christmas ornaments to add a bold statement to your tree.


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