Christmas Angel Egg Carton Craft

This cute Christmas angel is a really fun craft for all ages. I love making crafts out of recycled materials. I did have to go out and buy the bead heads, but the rest of the stuff I had.

Materials needed: Glittery pipe cleaner, egg carton, feathers, beads, a button, ribbon and a wooden bead with a hole it in (1 inch or 25.4 mm). You will also want some thin markers and a knife, pencil or something to use to poke a hole in the egg carton.

You’ll first one to draw a face and hair on the wooden bead.

You want to fold the pipe cleaner in half. Thread the pipe cleaner (folded end first) through the bead. Shape the top of the pipe cleaner to look like the halo. Then, put the two ends of the pipe cleaner through the button.

You next want to tie on a little white ribbon. You’ll thread the pipe cleaner legs through two holes you poke into an egg carton piece. 

The last thing to do is to poke a couple holes to stick in the feather wings. You can also thread beads onto the pipe cleaners, fold them up to create feet and trim to an appropriate length.



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