An Easter Craft: Bunnies and Chicks Made from Plastic Eggs

1-Easter Egg Craft Bunnies and Chicks-002 Yes, I know Easter isn’t about bunnies and chicks. We definitely teach our children about the real meaning of Easter. It’s really right there with Christmas in importance. We celebrate that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. We really celebrate that he rose three days later because that is the proof we base our faith on and the hope we have in Him. I will be doing activities that demonstrate these important truths. However, today we celebrated spring and new life with a cute Easter craft. These bunnies and chicks are made out of plastic eggs and decorated with google eyes, marker, foam pieces and pipe cleaners. They sit in little cut up egg carton pieces. They can be put into Easter baskets, used as decorations or would be really cute for place holders. You can fill them with candy.

1-easter craft chicks and bunnies The first step is to cut up the egg carton into individual cups. The kids can paint these inside and out. We used bright spring colors so that the craft would remain very colorful and fun. Make these ahead of time so they have a bit of time to dry.

1-easter craft bunnies and chicks

The top of the egg has a natural hole. I discovered this when we did our egg pops last year. There’s a good visual on how to poke this hole out and then make it bigger with a piping tip or some other tool on that post.

1-easter craft bunnies and chicks-001

To make the chick hair, cut the pipe cleaner into thirds. Twist the bottom together. You will insert the twisted part into the hole on top of your egg. Once through the hole, you can bunch it into a knot to keep it in place.

1-easter craft bunnies and chicks-002 To make the bunny ears, you will take a pipe cleaner and make two loops. twist those at the base.

1-easter craft bunnies and chicks-025 You will take your bunny ears or chick hair and thread it through the plastic egg. Then, pull the pipe cleaner through until the ears or hair poke out like you want. Bunch it in a knot within the egg to keep it in place.

1-easter craft bunnies and chicks-003 Add eyes with a Sharpie or use tacky glue to put on google eyes. I like tacky glue because I feel like it holds better than white glue.

1-easter craft bunny and chicks The final touch is adding a little foam or felt nose. Cut out a triangle and glue it in place with the tacky glue.

1-easter craft bunnies and chicks-054 You now have some cute little eggs to delight your kids and gifts on Easter.



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