15 Positive Reinforcement Ideas for Kids

positive reinforcement ideas kids rewards

Parenting is tough, and it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the ways you want your children to change rather than emphasizing all of the good in their personalities, behaviors and character. These 15 positive reinforcement ideas for kids will help you change those patterns and come up with a more positive […]

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Candy Corn Name Tag

candy corn name tag harvest party ideas

I have another harvest party idea for you – a candy corn name tag. We did name tags for our harvest party last year as well, and these name tags served a couple different purposes. If you are looking for other candy corn ideas, I’d encourage you to check out this candy corn man and candy corn […]

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Candy Corn Treat Bag

candy corn treat bag

I am helping with a lot of the harvest party details for my daughter’s class, and we are doing a number of candy corn themed ideas. This candy corn treat bag is the idea we are using to collect treats passed out from their classmates at the party. Last year’s party had a similar idea […]

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Parenting Resources

parenting resources

It’s Mom’s Library time and what better way to celebrate than to provide you with some great parenting resources?! Parenting is not easy. In the past 7 years of being a mom, I have been challenged more than I imagined. To be honest, I thought I’d be a natural. I quickly found the need to find […]

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Candy Corn Man Craft

candy corn man craft

I have been hugely inspired by all of the fun candy corn treats and ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest lately. I came up with this candy corn man craft for my daughter’s harvest party. I know others are searching for harvest party craft ideas, so I hope this really helps you in your pursuits. It’s […]

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Teacher’s Favorites Printable

teacher's favorite things printable room mom ideas final

Don’t we have some fabulous teachers in this world? I know we have been blessed with some great teachers. I often work in my child’s classroom, and sometimes I swing by Starbucks on the way. I don’t yet know my children’s teacher’s favorite drinks so I haven’t yet brought them a treat. In fact, I […]

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Sight Word Flashlight Search with EVEREADY®

sight word learning flashlight

Do you have a beginning or intermediate reader in your home working on sight words? This sight word flashlight search with EVEREADY® batteries is a fun learning experience for kids. Scholastic, EVEREADY® and Meaningful Mama are teaming up to shine a light on learning, even in the dark. I came up with this flashlight sight […]

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10 Great Preschool Learning Activities

10 learning activities for preschoolers

It’s time for another great week at Mom’s Library where I will be featuring 10 great preschool learning activities. If you have preschool age children or you run a preschool, this is a great resource for you. Kids are like sponges at this age, and they will greatly benefit from learning activities that are engaging, […]

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Simple Monster Cake

monster cake simple halloween

Do you need an easy cake design for an upcoming harvest or Halloween party? The “cake walk” was my favorite game at the carnival I went to growing up. I would do it over and over and take home multiple cakes, which I’m sure delighted my parents. This simple monster cake was what I took […]

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How to Stop Judging Other Parents

stop judging others

Have you been following along in my 3 part series about judging other parents. My first post was titled, “Moms, Stop Judging Other Moms.” My second post was, “10 Ways We Need to Stop Judging other Parents.” We are on to my third post, “How to Stop Judging Other Parents.” It is a good thing […]

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10 Ways We Need to Stop Judging other Parents

we need to stop judging other moms parents

I hope you saw my first post on this topic title, “Moms, Stop Judging Other Moms.” If not, I would encourage you to click back to get the introduction to this 3 part series. This is the second post dedicated to the topic of judging the way other moms are doing things. The third post […]

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Moms, Stop Judging Other Moms

Moms, Stop JudgingOther Moms-2

Moms, Stop Judging Other Moms * This is the first post in a three post series. * You are in the grocery store and a child starts to scream. Annoying. Let the mental judgements begin. “That parent obviously doesn’t know what they are doing. There must be no discipline in that house. Who REALLY is […]

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