Creamy and Easy Homemade Mac and Cheese

creamy easy homemade mac and cheese

I’m always looking for a meal that will satisfy the picky eaters in my family. This creamy and easy homemade mac and cheese is kid friendly, but the adults will love it too. I have partnered with Horizon Organic to bring you a easy evening meal that you all will enjoy and to also encourage […]

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Kids Waking Up Too Early? – Parenting Hack

kids waking up too early

Are your kids waking up too early? This parenting hack could make a big difference in your world. How to get kids to stay in bed in the morning can be a challenge. However, with a little training, they can learn to get up at a reasonable time. It’s really a simple hack that will help […]

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8 Great Preschool Crafts

8 great preschool crafts

Welcome to this week’s addition of Mom’s library, where I am featuring 8 great preschool crafts. Meaningful Mama is a mom blog aimed at bringing you ideas and resources for raising kids. Mom’s library is a weekly link party intended to share more great content from other bloggers that will also become a resource for you. If […]

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Owl Party Ideas

Owl Birthday Party Ideas

Owl Party Ideas I have been building up to my final owl party post for quite some time. These owl party ideas are meant to equip and inspire. Kenzie had so much fun at her 5th birthday, and loved her owl themed birthday party. This post will bring it all together. I’ll be showing you […]

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Grown-Up Peanut Butter and Jelly

Grown-Up Peanut Butter and Jelly final

 Grown-Up Peanut Butter and Jelly Who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich? It is a nostalgic taste that is always welcome in my mouth. I don’t think to make it very often, but I’m always happy when I make one for myself. This grown-up peanut butter and jelly sandwich takes your traditional […]

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Open Communication Journal with Kids

communicating with kids journal emotional

Open Communication Journal with Kids Proper communication is something that people can learn over time. One way we openly dialogue with our kids is our open communication journal. Before you get all upset about this concept, realize that I said ONE WAY. Of course kids need to learn skills in verbal as well as non-verbal […]

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Paper Bag Coiled Basket Craft

paper bag coiled basket meaningful mama

Paper Bag Coiled Basket Craft Are you searching for a craft with materials you have just laying around your home? You don’t need much to make this paper bag coiled basket craft. This craft is a fun one for you and your kids to do together. The results are super sturdy and fun for your […]

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6 Water and Ice Sensory Play Activities

water and ice sensory play

6 Water and Ice Sensory Play Activities Welcome to Mom’s Library where this week I am featuring 6 water and ice sensory play activities. You want to take advantage of the last signs of summer by engaging in some great outdoor play with your kids before the weather turns cold. Hopefully, these water and ice […]

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Laminated Dry Erase Funny Faces

laminated dry erase funny faces fellows review

 Laminated Dry Erase Funny Faces & Fellowes Laminator Review and Giveaway These laminated dry erase funny faces were the first project I did with my kids after I received my Fellowes Laminator. I was so excited when this package arrived at the door. I have never owned a laminator before, and I have always wanted one. […]

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Back to School Giveaway from Boogie Wipes

giveaway boogie wipes

Back to School Giveaway from Boogie Wipes It’s time to head back to school, and I’m teaming up with Boogie Wipes to offer an awesome Back-to-School Giveaway for kids and moms! Will you be our lucky winner? Three lucky winners will receive a backpack stocked with school supplies (and Boogie Wipes) and a Mommy Clutch […]

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Water Bottle Fish Craft

water bottle fish craft kids

 Water Bottle Fish Craft Are you ready for a great up-cycle craft for all of those empathy water bottles you have laying around? This water bottle fish craft is both easy and fun for kids of all ages. The fish designs are endless. I think your kids are going to love to create these underwater […]

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Portable Felt Activity Binder

portable felt activity binder kids travel

We recently went on a family vacation, and this portable felt activity binder came along for the ride. It not only kept my kids entertained on the car ride, but all the kids at the camp site were very drawn to it.

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