Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze at Schilter Family Farm

pumpkin patch schilter farms

I love traditions – especially seasonal ones. One our our family traditions each fall is to head to a pumpkin patch. This year we went to the pumpkin patch and corn maze at Schilter Family Farm in the Tacoma area, and we had a blast.  Last year and the year before, we headed to Spooner Farms, […]

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$100 Fair Food Prize Pack Giveaway


Fall is in the air and with fall comes a lot of local fairs. To celebrate fall we’re giving away ways to have fun fair food at home! The winner will be able to have cotton candy and hot dogs anytime they want!! Everyone is going to want to come to your house for these […]

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6 Fun Science Activities for Kids

science activités for kids fun

It’s Mom’s Library again where I am featuring 6 fun science activities for kids. I am excited you are here for the party this week. As always, we have a lot of great resources to offer. This is my second collection of science activities for kids that I have done with mom’s library. Please check […]

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The Elf on the Shelf that Made the Nice List

elf on the shelf ideas alternative nice kindness

Are you an Elf on the Shelf kind of family? I think the little guys is hilarious and adorable. I wanted to take a look at a different approach for this whimsical Christmas character this year. Let me introduce you to the Elf on the Shelf that made the nice list. This little guys does […]

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Owl Pinecone Craft

owl pinecone craft kids

I was walking into the grocery store the other day, and I spotted a bag of pinecones. This owl pinecone craft idea for kids was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the bag, and I snatched those pinecones right up. The pinecone craft probably came to mind because we have been […]

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Pumpkin Decorating Idea for Kids

pumpkin decorating kids ideas

Pumpkin decorating is a really fun activity for kids, and we decided to do things a little differently this year. Hopefully this pumpkin decorating idea for kids helps inspire some creative time with your own family. What I love about what we did this year is that it was all very open ended, which resulted in […]

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20 Comforting Soups and Stews

best soups and stews recipes

Once fall hits and the weather begins to cool, my food cravings change. Suddenly I’m in the mood for comfort food. I explored the web to try and bring you 20 comforting soups and stews that look delicious. I hope you get excited about this Foodie collection I created.  I know there are a lot of […]

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Candy Corn Juice Boxes

halloween juice boxes candy corn harvest party

These Candy Corn Juice Boxes could also be called “Halloween Juice Boxes” or “Harvest Party Juice Boxes” because they really could be used for a variety of purposes this fall. Another option for these juice boxes is to pack them in your child’s lunch for a surprise treat. If you have been paying attention to Meaningful […]

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15 Positive Reinforcement Ideas for Kids

positive reinforcement ideas kids rewards

Parenting is tough, and it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the ways you want your children to change rather than emphasizing all of the good in their personalities, behaviors and character. These 15 positive reinforcement ideas for kids will help you change those patterns and come up with a more positive […]

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Candy Corn Name Tag

candy corn name tag harvest party ideas

I have another harvest party idea for you – a candy corn name tag. We did name tags for our harvest party last year as well, and these name tags served a couple different purposes. If you are looking for other candy corn ideas, I’d encourage you to check out this candy corn man and candy corn […]

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Candy Corn Treat Bag

candy corn treat bag

I am helping with a lot of the harvest party details for my daughter’s class, and we are doing a number of candy corn themed ideas. This candy corn treat bag is the idea we are using to collect treats passed out from their classmates at the party. Last year’s party had a similar idea […]

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Parenting Resources

parenting resources

It’s Mom’s Library time and what better way to celebrate than to provide you with some great parenting resources?! Parenting is not easy. In the past 7 years of being a mom, I have been challenged more than I imagined. To be honest, I thought I’d be a natural. I quickly found the need to find […]

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