Day #291 – Fall Leaf Prints


Yesterday you may have seen that we went on a nature walk. We collected a bunch of leaves and decided to use some of them to make some fabulous leaf prints. It is really easy.

Next, you paint the leaves a variety of colors. It’s OK to let the paint mix a bit. It’s OK to not use fall colors. We wanted to use a unique version of all colors, which I love.

Next, press the leaves paint size down. Press all the areas of the leaf flat.

Pull back slowly.

And there ya have it. A beautiful leaf print.

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! I want to try this with my son! i think we will do it this weekend!
    I’d love it if you would link this up to my blog party. I think this would be a big hit with all of us parents! I know I am always looking for new ideas to try with my son!

  2. Cute craft for the kidos! Will put it on my to do list! The leaves are beautiful!

  3. I am in a child development class and my school has a pre school that the class helps in. I think the children would enjoy this craft. so thank you for sharing this.


  1. […] Gather a bunch of different shaped autumn leaves, then let the kids go to town creating their own prints. Just like these fine specimens by Meaningful Mama. […]

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