Fall Leaf Prints

Are you looking for an inexpensive but beautiful craft to do with your kids this fall? These fall leaf prints are an easy craft for kids, and they are really fun to create. There are so many gorgeous fall colors to represent in such a graphic, fun presentation. I hope you are very inspired by this fall craft, and I’d love for you to find more inspiration from these other 50 leaf craft ideas.

Yesterday you may have seen that we went on a nature walk. We collected a bunch of leaves and decided to use some of them to make some fabulous leaf prints. It is really easy.

Next, you paint the leaves a variety of colors. It’s OK to let the paint mix a bit. It’s OK to not use fall colors. We wanted to use a unique version of all colors, which I love.

Next, press the leaves paint size down. Press all the areas of the leaf flat.

Pull back slowly.

And there ya have it. A beautiful leaf print.

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! I want to try this with my son! i think we will do it this weekend!
    I’d love it if you would link this up to my blog party. I think this would be a big hit with all of us parents! I know I am always looking for new ideas to try with my son!


  2. Cute craft for the kidos! Will put it on my to do list! The leaves are beautiful!

  3. I am in a child development class and my school has a pre school that the class helps in. I think the children would enjoy this craft. so thank you for sharing this.


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